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Choose your career


We are here to assist you in choosing your career aspirations. We are well aware that not all young people have their sights set on a particular career. For those that do, we will work with you to open doors and create that pathway. For those that don't, we will put you on the right track to your chosen career.

Get a taste of your chosen career


We will open doors to friendly employers who believe in young people. We will ensure that opportunities will be open for you to experience your future. Whatever, your goal; apprenticeship, full-time employment or full-time education we are committed to ensuring that you reach your potential.

Acheive your potential at PTS


Our programmes are designed to cater for the individual. On completion of our programmes we will work with you to ensure that you sustain whatever it is you have achieved. Our goal is to ensure your career is permanent not temporary.



High quality work placements 

Friendly employers are chosen carefully to ensure that they share the same vision as PTS; to ensure young people are given the platform to develop their employability skills. 

Flexible Training

Each trainee will be provided with a individual training plan that will be designed to maximise their potential.

We recognise that each trainee arrives with different needs. Each trainee will be assessed at an early stage to ensure that training plan is tailored to suit their needs.

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